2021 Snow & Ice Review: How Did Your Contractor Do?

truck plowing parking lot

As the seasons change, commercial, retail, and condominium property managers have come to trust the professionals at Villani Landshapers to be their partners in snow and ice control during the winter.

Let’s take a look at what you need to focus on when evaluating your snow service program now that it’s the offseason.

What’s The Damage Plan?

Is your snow contractor responsive to any damages that may have occurred during the season? Most snow plow and skid steer drivers do a great job and keep property damage to a minimum, but there are still times when the weather conditions mean that things just happen.  Sometimes these incidents aren’t even evident until the spring melt-off. Make sure to take detailed notes and snap photographs of any damage as well for records, repair, or insurance purposes. Walking sites before and after the season to document your findings should be an important part of planning.

The Effects of Salt + Plant Material

Salting your pavement or driveway is an excellent way to help avoid ice buildup. Salt lowers the melting point of snow and ice, getting rid of thin ice sheets that become slip hazards for your customers and tenants.

That said, some of the plant material in your landscape may be less salt-tolerant than others. Even though most plants are dormant in winter, tossing salt on top of or near them only discourages springtime growth. Salt can also dry out your grass, causing brown patches and in some cases requiring new sod or seed.

Also keep in mind that sand mixtures for increasing road traction contain salt, so there’s no simple way to avoid it.

However, you can protect plants in winter by making sure your contractor is careful about localizing salt application. For example, professional snow removers operating salt trucks can apply salt to a very specific area, limiting the amount that affects the surrounding landscape. In addition, your snow removal contractor or landscape contractor can advise on plant material that is most salt-tolerant for bordering your sidewalks and pavement areas.

What Happens to the Snow Pileup?

Inches (or feet) of snow on tree branches and shrubs can wreak havoc on your landscaping. Pounds of heavy snow can bend tree limbs, flatten lawns, weigh down plants, and create ponds in your yard.

On its own, ignoring snow pileups can make your spring cleanup that much more difficult. It’s also a safety hazard—the weight of snow and developing ice can hurt passersby (or pets) when it finally does fall. Snow removal doesn’t just happen in the middle of a storm – how does your contractor manage relocation of those piles that impede safety and visibility?

Villani Landshapers clearing snow at The Corners Of Brookfield.

Helping You Evaluate Your Property

Make sure you take the time to walk your commercial, retail, and condominium property with a representative from your contractor. This is the best way to make sure everyone knows what repairs need to be done and where snow stakes need to be picked up. It’s also a great idea to have a proposal for service for the upcoming season ahead of schedule.

Ask Questions & Prep For The Season

Make sure you ask the right questions of you contractor. How did they think the winter season went? How did their service crews perform? Ask about the types of service contracts they offer. What schedules do they run and how will they handle ongoing communication with you during the season? Also make sure to ask how the equipment held up over the course of the season. Ask if they’re set with salt and any de-icing products for next season. Most importantly ask what they’d change and if there are any recommendations on the approach they’d have at a property.

How Villani Landshapers Can Help You

Our team continually monitors weather conditions and is available at a moment’s notice all winter long to respond when conditions threaten to do their worst. A seven-day per week snow patrol ensures that snow and ice are kept under control even when there isn’t fresh snowfall.

We also provide everything you need to ensure a safe and healthy property all winter long, allowing you to focus on running your business without the headaches of maintaining your property.

Remember, snow removal is just as important as any other landscape service that people need. Villani Landshapers is here to provide timely, thorough service throughout the winter months.

When thinking about this upcoming winter, keep in mind that Villani Landshapers has a fleet of 100 vehicles that service a wide variety of commercial, retail, community living and other accounts across Southeast Wisconsin.

And we’ve been in business serving our clients and community for over 20 years.

We look at winter not as the offseason for our landscape work but as another opportunity to help people. We’re always planning ahead. When lawns are green we’re looking forward to another winter of providing our clients with excellent service.

And we’d like for you to be one of them.

Villani Landshapers wants to help protect your property and landscaping investments and help you plan your commercial, retail and other snow removal needs. Give us a call at 262-252-4541 or contact us online for more information!