3 Effects of Excessive Rain on Your Commercial Property Landscape

rain hitting water
It’s not just an illusion – together the months of May and June have been excessively rainy this year. In fact, in May, the Milwaukee area received 3.19 inches of rain above normal . June is also on track for more rain than average over the course of the month. Excessive rain at this time of year creates significant obstacles for maintaining your commercial property landscape.

Obviously, the wet weather means that your property will experience an abundance of growth and lots of long, wet grass. Another concern that crops up during this kind of weather is weeds.

In order to attempt to stay ahead of the growth, Villani Landshapers’ mow crews have been working throughout the weather to dodge the rain and keep up as best as possible with the maintenance of your commercial property.

Even when turf conditions are too wet to mow, our technicians can still address weed issues on the property. However, excessive summer rain still has the potential to affect the maintenance of your commercial property in several ways.

1. Skipped or partial cuts When it is necessary to skip or partially cut a property due to wet/muddy turf conditions, we will do our best to get back to finish the property as soon as possible (weather permitting).
2. Getting off schedule While we always do our best to cut each property according to schedule, the rain and weather have kept us on our toes this summer. Our crews are working Saturdays when possible to catch-up, and your property might be mowed on a day that’s not your regular schedule in order to keep on track.
3. Streaks in turf The exceptionally wet turf conditions mean that some of our equipment has the potential to leave mud tracks or streaks in the turf. If you do choose to have us mow in wet conditions, there is always the potential for leaving ruts, which would result in additional work and charge for turf repair later in the season.

Please stay in contact with your Customer Service Representative regarding the weather and turf conditions at your property. We appreciate your patience as we work around the weather. Long range forecasts for the beginning of July continue to show a good chance of rain in the entire Milwaukee area. We will remain in close contact with you about conditions as the summer progresses.