Add Color to Your Home During the Winter Blues

blue jay bird on branch with red berries

During the winter in Wisconsin, especially between December and February, the daytime rarely tops 30 degrees and with the wind chill it always feels a lot colder. Wisconsin also gets a lot of snow, with an average of 40 inches to up to 160 inches up north within the Lake Superior snowbelt. The days are shorter and the winter season in Wisconsin is especially long, known to bring on the winter blues.

After the holidays have passed and all the Christmas décor comes down, how can you add a little color to your home or yard? Birds! Birds are a unique way to bring a pop of color during the winter months.

The perennials and ornamental grasses that emerge later in the season can provide shelter for birds. Their flowers’ seeds make a great food source as well.

Water is hard to come by for birds so having a water source will help them pick your home over your neighbor’s. Make sure to keep your birdbath in a sunny area so the water does not freeze.  Bird experts suggest adding sticks or stones to the water to prevent them from bathing in the cold weather, which could be very dangerous for birds.

Don’t have time for installations to your yard? Basic hanging feeders will do the trick! Choose suet cakes or suet mix over basic bird food mix to help attract the colorful songbirds. Add your personal touch by getting a bird house that matches you. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes or build your own! Think about using reusable materials.

Any additions, big or small will be sure to attract wildlife and bring a pop of color when you least expect it. You may even discover a new bird you have never seen before! These changes to your yard will attract wildlife all year round.