Boost Your Business with Holiday Decorations

corners mall holiday decorations

The holiday season is almost upon us! Everyone loves holiday decorations. Trees, lights and wreaths awaken the magic of the season and warm the heart. Here are some quick tips for property and facilities managers when it comes to planning a winter wonderland for every commercial or retail business, multi-family building, or hotel this coming holiday season.

1. Know your audience

Are you targeting customers, building tenants, or out-of-state travelers? Identifying your target audience is an essential first step. Other considerations include: How long do you want to keep your displays up? Is there a winter feel versus just holiday? Do you want to embody a religious or secular theme?

2. Understand your objective

What are you trying to accomplish with your holiday design? Some building managers simply want the basics. Others want to make an elaborate statement that outshines the competition. What do you want? 

3. Define your themes

Do you like wreaths, ornate trees or elaborate displays? Do you prefer living poinsettias, classic nutcrackers, iconic deer or fun Santa sleighs? From small office suites to large commercial properties, every holiday display starts with a theme or a concept. Villani Landshapers can help with yours.

Rex Jacobs, Villani Landshapers Enhancement Operations Manager, said it’s important for prospective clients to know what elements of design they want to feature when it comes to holiday designs and to take the time to visualize the overall picture of the holiday concepts as they have an opportunity to really set your business apart.

4. Understand cost

Equally important is to create a budget so you can maximize ever penny and get exactly what you need for your commercial or industrial space. It’s also important to price shop for project quotes and get real choices based on availability and size.

5. Plan for the future

Let’s face it, commercial holiday decorating is an annual affair. Planning ahead can save money and avoid headaches especially when it comes to set-up, removal and storage. Multi-year contracts generally include discounts because they simplify the sales process and save decorating teams and client service representatives time.

6. Have fun

Holiday decorating is supposed to embrace the spirit of the season! Everyone loves Christmas trees, lighting displays and big wreaths with bold ribbons. So relax, explore some fun holiday designs and find the perfect fit.

Contact Villani Landshapers and your Client Service Representative if you’d like to discuss holiday décor planning for your commercial property.