Getting Inspired with Fire

outdoor fireplace fall fire patio

Adding a fire element to your outdoor living space is both beautiful and practical.  They provide a social focal point for your outdoor living area as well as extend your enjoyment of your outdoor space longer into the season. While a crackling bonfire is a quintessential symbol of fall, fire elements can definitely be enjoyed year-round. Fireplaces, fire pits and fire tables are all ways to capture the element of fire and add to the ambiance of your outdoor living area.

There are many options to consider when working with a landscape designer to plan the installation of your fire element. While many people enjoy the scent and ambiance of a crackling wood fire, running natural gas to your outdoor fireplace is also an option.

Fireplaces, fire pits and fire tables are as unique as the homeowner who has one. They can be constructed from a kit or custom designed and built to match your personal taste and style. Often, your outdoor living space is designed as an extension of your home, carrying the styles found inside the home to the outside. There is a fire element to fit every style, from traditional to contemporary.

A custom-built stone fireplace or fire pit is one way to bring that personal style outside. We are blessed to have a lot of natural stone quarries in southeastern Wisconsin, which makes producing that vision not only more cost effective, but also utilized locally sourced materials that are found nowhere else in the world. Another option is to select a modular fireplace system, which provides the opportunity to add a fire element at about 40% less than the cost of building a custom unit from the bottom-up.

Fire tables are another way to add a distinctive gathering place to your landscape. Fire tables are portable, making them a great versatile element in your outdoor entertaining. They are also functional, typically emitting 40-50,000 BTUs of heat – great for extending the party into those cool spring and fall evenings.

Fire elements can be both luxurious and cozy. Whether you want to nestle up to a fire’s warmth on a crisp fall night or create a welcoming focal point for an active summer gathering, there are endless options for fire elements that will fit your space, budget and vision. Why not get inspired to add some fire this year?

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