How to Find the Best Landscape Design Team for Your Garden Remodel

Designing your garden or yard can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you haven’t got any previous design experience. Here are a few tips on how to survive it:

Skip the DIY

It’s not just about designating an area for your bamboo grove, putting in Bermuda grass, bonsai plants or orchids into your garden. Planning and designing outdoor space means you’ll need to consider the flow of traffic, the right kind of materials, the look and feel of the space. So if design isn’t your finest skill, skip the DIY measures and…

Hire pros instead

Get the services of a reliable and competent landscape design team. You could reach out to friends and family for tips and advice on who to get in touch with or where to go. You could also go online and look for design service in your area.

Know the difference

Design services are different from lawn care services, though. So find the right expert for your outdoor needs. If you just want someone to take out all the weeds and tame the wild forest in your backyard, then a lawn care specialist would do. But if you want to upgrade the look and feel of your lawn, want to reorder the space, then you’ll need a landscape design team to help you make that happen.

Cover the basics

Always cover the basics. Ask about their experience and credentials. In addition, find out what kind of maintenance work is needed to keep your garden looking good as new after the remodel. If they provided you with case studies, which one fits best with the architectural mold and style of your home?

Trust your gut

And lastly, after the meet up, ask yourself which team or contractor feels the most trustworthy. Were you comfortable with them? Are they knowledgeable in the matter? Did they listen to your ideas and offered suggestions or improvements to make them better, in a way that didn’t feel like they were patronizing you? Which one made you feel at ease the most? Trust your gut and go with that choice.

So don’t try to DIY your way through that garden remodel. If you want the best results, hire pros to make it happen. For more information about landscape services and quotes, contact us at Villani Landshapers. With a team dedicated to providing you with the best, we’ve got your landscaping needs covered.