Installing Your New Estate Landscaping

Once the estate landscape design process has wrapped up, it’s time to move on to the exciting part of getting the project started on-site.

Landscape Installation Scheduling

Estate landscape projects are scheduled depending on a variety of factors. Time of year, availability of materials, scope of the project, and of course, weather, are some of the most critical factors to take into consideration. The complexity of some estate landscape renovation projects require engaging one or more subcontractors, especially if there is lighting or plumbing involved in the design.

In the early summer, Villani Landshapers’ production crews can be working anywhere from two to eight weeks out. Late summer and early fall projects may be added to the calendar more quickly.

Crews work on installing a paver patio in Delafied.

Once installation is scheduled, the landscape renovation project is still subject to the effects of weather, but in general, it’s safe to say that large-scale estate landscape renovations can take anywhere from three to six weeks to complete.

How Late in the Year Can Landscape Renovations Take Place?

Once again, the answer depends on what you are planning to do. Estate landscape installation can begin as early as the ground thaws in spring and can extend well into the fall, depending on when a hard freeze first occurs. In most years, our production crews have been wrapping up installations and planting large trees into early December, and hardscape projects can even be started and worked on throughout the winter.

Knowing that it could take upwards of two months to see the final results of your landscape project, when is the ideal time to start? Anytime! If you start your planning process over the winter, you could be enjoying your new landscaping by summertime. However, it’s also entirely feasible to start your planning process in July and get your landscaping job on the production schedule well before the snow flies for the year.

Here are some general timing guidelines to follow for your landscape project:

  • Winter/early spring design consult = late spring/early summer installation
  • Early to mid-summer design consult = installation in late summer/fall
  • Late summer/fall/winter consult = possible late fall/early spring installation

Renovating and rejuvenating your estate landscape is a significant investment; taking your time to ensure that you have a designer, plan, and production crew that you are comfortable with will go a long way toward creating the ideal outdoor space that you have in mind.

If you’re dreaming about some landscape improvements for your yard, you can jumpstart your creative thinking by browsing our residential design gallery or our project books on