Preparing Your Business or Commercial Property Landscape for Spring

April typically marks the start of the spring landscaping season for business and commercial properties across southeastern Wisconsin from Franklin to Oconomowoc. Even though the grass won’t be ready to mow until at least very late April or early May, there is plenty to be done to prepare your commercial property for the coming summer.

Villani Landshapers crews are heading out this month to get started on some of these activities. This being Wisconsin, weather (spring snow!) will determine the timing of some of these activities, but there are some standard jobs that we embark on each spring.

Spring Clean-ups on Commercial Properties

One of the first jobs to get started each spring, our commercial property maintenance crews head out in late March or early April to begin spring clean ups for our clients. Just like it sounds, a spring clean-up is an opportunity to get your property in good shape for the summer mowing season. Crews rake up leaves and debris, collect twigs and branches that have fallen during the winter, remove any leftover annuals from last year, and assess whether any perennials need to be removed or further pruned.

Spring Clean Up Pewaukee

Villani Landshapers crews perform a spring clean up at a commercial property in Pewaukee.

Spring Landscaping Consultation

By the end of April, your Villani Landshapers client service representative (CSR) should schedule a spring consultation with you. This conversation is an opportunity to walk through your commercial or business property with your CSR and review which services you’ll be receiving for the season, what you can expect from our crews, and the general timelines for your landscaping services.

Lawn Care Services

April is National Lawn Care Month, and it’s only fitting that our lawn care team really gears up for the season this month. From approximately mid-April to late May, Villani Landshapers lawn care technicians apply the first lawn care application of the season. This consists of an organic-based granular fertilizer and a pre-emergent for crabgrass control.

This is also the time for spring aerations. If you haven’t aerated, or de-thatched, your commercial lawn in the fall, early spring is another good opportunity to break up the upper layer of thatch to reduce puddling on the top of the lawn and allow more nutrients to reach the roots, resulting in a healthier lawn all summer long.

Other Spring Services

As much as we try to avoid it, there are times when snow plows and snow blowers do a little more than just move snow. If our snow removal crews have displaced any turf on your in your business park or multi-family property, we will repair or replace it during the early spring.

Commercial properties with pond features will receive a visit in early May to open the pond and ensure everything is set up and working properly for the start of summer.