Showcasing Spring Landscaping on FOX6

FOX6 interviews Villani Landshapers about spring landscaping

On the morning of Monday, May 14, a group of Villani Landshapers employees made their television debut as they took the opportunity to discuss different facets of spring landscaping with the FOX6 Wake Up news. FOX6’s Carl Deffenbaugh spoke with various employees about core aeration, weed control, planting perennials and annuals, and extending your living space outdoors through landscape design.

Even though it was an overcast day with occasional rain, the Landshapers team was still able to demonstrate a variety of landscaping fundamentals for spring.

The lawn care department started the news segment by discussing lawn aeration and weed control.

Then, we provided some tips on splitting and transplanting perennials, and discussed what kinds of annuals thrive best in different environments.

After that, we moved on to a demonstration of applying pre-emergent weed control and discussed tree and shrub pruning and care.

Finally, we walked through different outdoor living elements that can potentially be added to a residential yard to extend the living space outside to make the most of enjoying summer in Wisconsin.

This was a unique opportunity for the Villani Landshapers team, and we’re grateful to FOX6 and Carl Deffenbaugh for showcasing the various parts that make up an effective spring landscaping plan for Wisconsin properties.