Spring Clean Up Tips

landscaping spring clean up

With the warmer weather we’re experiencing, it is easy to start thinking about spending more time outdoors! Whether you’ll be entertaining, barbecuing, or simply relaxing in the sun, if you want your yard to look truly incredible for the upcoming season, now is the time to do a little spring cleaning and landscape maintenance.

Many of the tasks that Villani Landshapers carries out for our commercial property clients are the same things you can be doing in your yard in the spring to prevent weed growth, improve soil conditions, and help your plants get off to a good start.

According to Rob Linder, Maintenance Field Supervisor with Villani Landshapers, “Spring clean up operations are geared to make your property look better while also preventing diseases from spreading to other parts of the lawn. The clean up tasks outlined below will put your property in the best position to have success for the summer season given the shorter period of warm weather we have for landscaping to take hold in Wisconsin.”

Here are a few ways you can make sure your property is in prime shape for spring and summer:

1. Clean the Area Thoroughly

Remove any debris that has accumulated over the winter, including dead grass, fallen leaves, broken branches, and other waste. Rake the lawn thoroughly, and clean out plant beds and gardens, removing any dead plants.

Eliminating debris will improve airflow and sun exposure, while discouraging the growth of molds or bacteria that can harm your plants, as well as possible issues with insects.

2. Apply Pre-Emergents & Fertilizers

Have your landscaping professionals apply pre-emergent to prevent the growth of weeds now, so that they are easier to control over the summer. This application aids in the prevention of annual grassy weeds, such as crabgrass, while providing the grass with important nutrients that are necessary for a good spring start-up.

3. Aerate the Lawn

First, we should note that if you’re planning to do pre-emergent, you should aerate first! Over time, and from the wear and tear of prior seasons, the soil of your lawn will naturally compact, making it difficult for the soil to absorb air and moisture—which makes it tough for new grasses to root properly. By aerating the soil, you loosen it up, allowing better soil penetration and water absorption.

Villani Landshapers lawn care technicians can provide more information about fertilization, weed control, and aeration.

4. Trim & Prune Plants

Spring is a great time to trim plants and prune, encouraging new, healthy growth and eliminating old growth. Proper pruning involves removing dead or damaged sections of plants, cutting off individual areas or the entire top, depending on plant type. Make any hard cutbacks that are necessary for trees or shrubs, and prune individual branches to shape trees and encourage new growth.

5. Plant & Mulch

Test the soil condition, adding nutrients as necessary, and install any new plants or trees that require spring planting. Add compost as necessary, as well as mulch in beds around your property to protect the new plantings. If there are bare spots in your lawn, now is a good time to seed them, as well.

6. Seasonal Color

You can also stage a color show in your yard by choosing plants that welcome spring. Start with the classics including spring flowering bulbs. Keep in mind that spring bulbs like daffodils and tulips actually go into the ground in fall. Other spring bulbs, such as Dutch hyacinth, Siberian squill, fritillaria and alliums, are great choices for color.

Spring is also a great time to plan your installation of summer annuals. Villani Landshapers seasonal color crews start their planning phase for commercial property plantings much earlier, but Wisconsin’s weather keeps everyone on the same schedule for planting.

Pansies are a great early spring flower to dress up your entry way, containers or beds on your property. You can also include azaleas in your spring landscape. Bare branches of spring flowering trees, like flowering crabapples and Japanese cherries, also transform into wands of color as their beautiful blooms appear.

At Villani Landshapers, our team can help you with both commercial and residential landscaping needs. Give us a call at 262-252-4541 or contact us online for more information!