Subtle Ways to Incorporate Backyard Storage

outside sofa and plant

Warm months are short lived in the Midwest, so a lot of activities, entertainment and relaxing happen outdoors during the summer. Before we know it, we have a collection of backyard items stashed away in the garage or laying around outside causing our space to look cluttered. When it comes to garden tools, pool toys, pet toys, and grilling accessories, it makes sense to have an outdoor area to store these items. We have come up with affordable and decorative storage solutions to add to your backyard to provide a clutter-free space.

The first idea is to add a Storage Bench – All outdoor areas require seating. Incorporate a comfortable loveseat that doubles as storage. Decorate with colorful outdoor cushions and throw blankets to create a cozy space for your guests.

Outdoor coffee table with storage – Another quick and inexpensive way to add storage is by adding a coffee or side table with storage space. Hide your kids toys or use this space to put away your outdoor cushions. Another option would be investing in a table with a built-in cooler! This may clean up the collection of coolers you have in the garage.

Built in cabinets in an outdoor kitchenette – Look forward to hosting with an outdoor kitchen space when everything is already in one place! Make the home chef’s job easy by storing your grilling tools, pitchers, plates, utensils, and table linens all in one place!  

Rubbermaid storage shed – A less subtle storage bin but very beneficial to hide your pool chemicals, garden supplies and so much more are the heavy- duty plastic Rubbermaid storage sheds. They come in all different shapes and sizes and can be tucked away in a less visible area like the side of the home. With quick assembly, this is another speedy way to quickly add storage to your yard.

Garden Hose Holder – Stop looking at your tangled hose out in the open by concealing it in a hose holder. Add a garden hose reel or a Faux planter that conceals your hose!

Decorative Storage Cabinet – Add a statement piece to your yard with a weatherproof decorative cabinet. This piece will add style and texture to your outdoor space. Remember that your backyard is an extension from your home and this cabinet could match your furniture from inside.

The options for your outdoor storage are endless and can depend on your budget and aesthetic. There are many quick and affordable ways to add storage without having to build a shed in your yard. Make sure to consider materials that can withstand the weather, as these units are meant to protect your stored items.  We hope these options gave you an idea to your next addition to your yard!