The Landscape Renovation Journey

A Fox Point, WI homeowner talks about choosing Villani Landshapers for a whole yard landscape renovation project.

“When it came time to choose a landscaper to take on the complete renovation of our yard and landscaping, we made the right choice in selecting Villani Landshapers. Gino Villani is known, respected and trusted, and I knew he wouldn’t steer us wrong on the project.

The whole project was a simple, one-stop process with Villani Landshapers taking care of everything at every step of the way. We started the project working with Tyson Mueller on the landscape design, and felt that his vision and design for our property were excellent.

3-D landscape design of firepit on flagstone patio
3-D landscape design of seatwalls around a flagstone/paver patio

Once we had agreed on the design, the Landshapers crew went to work and did an amazing job.

The work ethic demonstrated by Ismael, Jose, and Avimael was unbelievable. We had other contractors working on the property at the same time, and week after week, the Landshapers crew would show up every day before all the other contractors and stay later, no matter the weather. And they had to work through some rain and miserable conditions. I watched those guys doing masonry and stonework under the front porch in pouring rain and covered in mud, all the while keeping smiles on their faces.

3-D landscape design view of patio, outdoor kitchen, and firepit
Villani Landshapers landscaper building a seat wall

It was impressive to witness what an efficient, well-oiled machine the whole Villani operation was over the course of the project.

There were times when I’d be working from home for the day, and around mid-day would notice that the crew seemed to be running out of material. Not 10 minutes after I formed that thought, a truck would be on-site delivering the right amount of material for the next phase of the project. I recognize that it requires an incredible amount of infrastructure and support behind the scenes to pull that off effectively every day.

Now that the project is complete, we are very pleased with the final product and how our yard looks. The Villani Landshapers team kept the project under budget and came really close hitting the deadline, which was impressive for a 60-day project that can be affected by weather.

We look forward to enjoying time in our new yard, and will continue to recommend Villani Landshapers for the outstanding quality of work, communication throughout the project, and the dedication shown by all the team members we worked with. ”

finished flagstone porch steps
installation of outdoor kitchen and grill on patio