The Trick to Timing The Renovation of Your Estate Landscaping

When embarking on project to renovate their estate landscaping, homeowners from Mequon to Oconomowoc have typically already spent some time dreaming and planning prior to contacting a landscape contractor to bring their ideas to life.

It’s understandable that when an estate owner takes the step to contact a landscape designer or contractor, they are ready to implement an exciting feature they’ve scoped out on Houzz or Pinterest in their own backyard. Whatever your inspiration is, an estate landscape transformation instantly increases your curb appeal and is one of the most noticeable home improvements you can make.

However, an estate landscaping renovation project of any size involves forging a partnership between yourself and your landscape designer and production crew. If you are looking to undertake a full-scale estate landscape renovation, it’s generally a good idea to plan at least two to three months from start to finish, keeping in mind that larger projects may even take longer. In fact, there are some large-scale landscaping projects that homeowners have chosen to complete in phases after the overall design is approved. These types of projects have the potential to span two or three seasons. Smaller projects involving only a few elements or plantings can often be completed on a shorter timeframe.

The Design Build Process

Whether your estate is in Hartland or Fox Point, the process of turning your dreams for your estate landscaping into reality is generally referred to as design build. In the design phase, homeowners work with a landscape designer or architect to plan out the design of their project. In the build phase, production crews implement the design to plan.

Villani Landshapers is fortunate to have estate landscape designers on staff who work closely with our production crews to be able to coordinate design build projects from conception to completion.


That process starts with setting up an initial design consult appointment with a landscape designer. Depending on the time of year, this appointment typically takes place within a week of first contacting us. Early spring is usually a busier season, which means it’s not unusual for a consultation appointment to be more than a week out.

During this appointment, the designer meets with the homeowners at the project site to discuss ideas, budget, timelines, materials, and general preferences. The designer may ask some exploratory questions and offer suggestions and guidance based on your answers. If you are completing a full-scale landscape renovation, the designer will base their work off of your preferences for what has worked well in the past and what you would like to see changed.


After the initial consultation, the designer begins creating design options for the property. Usually within two to three weeks of the initial meeting, the designer will present their first set of design concepts. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, this initial presentation may include both 2D and 3D designs or a 3D virtual walk-through.

After the design presentation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and request any revisions based on your landscaping preferences.

And from there, the project moves into scheduling and implementation, which will be discussed next time.