What To Expect at First On-site Meeting With Your Landscape Designer

You did it! You scheduled your initial consultation with a landscaper, and it is time to meet with your landscape designer, the person who really gets to bring your vision to life. But what can you expect during this initial visit? We have broken down the items that will be discussed during the walkthrough so there are no surprises.

First and foremost, the designer will listen to the needs and requests of the homeowner. They will also take a close look at the following:

  • Look for safety issues on the site. Are there any pavers heaving out of the ground, causing trip hazard? Any dead branches in trees that need to be removed? Steep slopes on site that need stairs/ railings etc…. These items will need to be corrected to make your space is a safe one.
  • Look at grading issues. Is there a negative pitch along the foundation of home that needs to be corrected? Any plants planted too close to house that could cause foundation problems? Are there areas in the yard where rainwater pools, etc.? We want to level the ground to make sure it is ready for seed and sod installation.
  • Site conditions: are there unsightly views to be blocked? They check for sun exposure, is the yard sunny, shady, or both? Is there wind that will require wind blocks?
  • Will take plant inventory to decide what stays and what must go. Same process goes for existing hardscape features. Are they removing existing patios or retaining walls to build new ones or adding onto existing hardscape features?
  • Will look at accessibility of the yard. How / where will they be able to access the work area with equipment. Will the crew have to bring everything in by hand with wheelbarrows or if needed, is there enough room for excavators to come in and out.
  • Finally, they want to figure out what the overall landscape goal of the homeowner is. Do they want to use the space to relax, entertain, dine, play areas, garden etc…. There are so many things you can do with your yard, and we want to make sure we execute them correctly as this is an investment in your home.

After the initial meeting, we take all this info, including any other detail the homeowner may request and take it to the drawing board. The initial site visit is a very important information gathering phase to provide the client with a thorough, detailed plan for their property. Our goal is to always provide you with a plan that meets all your needs and beyond your expectations… Once the drawing is completed, they will walk through it with you to make sure it is everything you wanted and more. This will also be the perfect time to speak up if you want to make any changes before finalizing the plan.