When is the Best Time To Finalize Your Landscape Plans?

The beginning of winter is the ideal time to start thinking of your landscape plans for the next season. Once spring is approaching and the snow is beginning to melt, you really want to step outside and take inventory of what you have, to finalize your plans. Walk your yard and analyze what you want to keep and what needs to go. This is also the perfect time to look back and see what plants didn’t work and why. Was it lighting issues, soil, or climate? Consider any drainage patterns that need attention. We encourage you to begin exploring sources like Pinterest, websites, and home shows to understand what your style is. Is it formal or informal? Are you looking to utilize your space for a family of 4, kid friendly or host big gatherings? What colors do you want to add to really make things pop? There are many factors that need to be considered to execute your plans successfully. One thing we do is that we design from within, meaning we like to create the outside as an extension of your home. The missing piece to the puzzle to complete your home.

There are many resources to help you get ideas of what you want but we encourage you to visit home shows to meet with knowledgeable people who are dedicated to bringing your visions to life. They have a full understanding of plant material and how they would thrive best in different areas depending on the light sources. You can book consultations on the spot and begin scheduling your appointments so that your space is ready for summer. This year you can get inspired at the 97th annual Realtors Home & Garden Show that will take place March 24- April 2, 2023 at the Wisconsin State Fair Park. The nation’s longest running Home and Garden Show and we are lucky to have it in our area! The event will have over 350 exhibitors and you can learn about the latest products and meet with industry professionals regarding landscaping and beyond!

Once you and your landscaper understand what it is you want, it is time to have plant materials selected. Landscape designers create plans with you, with plant materials selected that are best suited for your site. Plant photos and 3D renderings are created to get a visual of the finalized project. Some plants are not available until Mother’s Day, but definitely be proactive and get your orders ahead of the rush. Meanwhile, any hardscape jobs can be completed during this waiting period. Putting in all the time and effort will be worth it once everything is fully bloomed and your attractive and functional landscape can be used for your enjoyment. Happy Planning!